Posted by: StrongStakes | August 8, 2010

Israel’s Tragic Mistake


The following questions on Romans chapter 10 will aid your preparation for our discussion Monday evening.

  • Like Paul, do you pray for lost family members on a regular basis?  (v. 1)
  • Think of contemporary examples of people who are zealous and/or sincere about religious things, but without knowledge.  (v. 2)
  • How had the Jews sought to “establish their own” righteousness?  (v. 3)
  • In what ways is Christ the “end of the law for righteousness”?  (v. 4)
  • What Mosaic passage does Paul reference here?  (v. 5)
  • Does Paul suggest a “formula for spirituality” in vv. 9-10?
  • Identify Paul’s source for v. 11.
  • Identify Paul’s source for v. 13.
  • Identify Paul’s quotes from Isaiah and Moses in vv. 16-21.

A handout for Romans 10:1-21 is available for download at the Media Drop Box on the right-side toolbar.

Bob is bringing one of his “signature desserts” … which will be served at 7 pm … the study starts shortly after that.

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