Posted by: StrongStakes | August 1, 2010

Is God Unrighteous?


As we continue through this difficult portion of Romans, specifically 9:19-33, use these questions to aid your preparation.

  1. Have you ever resisted God’s will?
  2. From where in the O.T. does Paul draw this analogy in vv. 20-21?
  3. Can you cite an example from the O.T. when God “endured with much patience vessels of wrath”(v. 22)
  4. What is the context of Hosea’s quote in vv. 25-26?
  5. What is the context of Isaiah’s quotes in vv. 27-29?
  6. Review … How did Gentiles “attain righteousness”(v. 30)
  7. Who is the “stumbling stone” or “rock of offense” in vv. 32-33?

A handout for Romans 9:19-33 is available for download at the Media Drop Box on the right-side toolbar.

Dessert will be served at 7 pm, followed by our study!

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