Posted by: StrongStakes | July 24, 2010

Paul’s Concern for Israel: Romans 9:1-18


The following questions will introduce you to a challenging, three-chapter section of Romans:

  • When is the last time you felt Paul’s emotions toward members of your extended family?  (9:2-3)
  • Enumerate the inherent blessings of Jews.  (9:4-5)
  • What is the O.T. context for Paul’s argument beginning in 9:7?
  • If you were Tertius, reading this letter to the Romans for the first time, how would you answer the audience’s questions in 9:14?
  • What does 9:16 teach us about our salvation?

A handout for Romans 9:1-18 is available for download at the Media Drop Box on the right-side toolbar.

Dessert will be served at 7 pm, followed by our study!

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