Posted by: StrongStakes | March 7, 2014

What do a hammer, honey, a mirror, medicine, & an anchor have in common?

OC Bereans1These are metaphors for Scripture … the Word of God … five from a much longer list within the Bible.  Click here for the handout — Metaphors for Word of God — to discover more.

If you were not with us last Monday evening, then click here to download and print the handout — Bibliology — then bring it with you for note-taking this coming Monday.  As you prepare for our next study, focus on the Scriptures listed on page two, under the headings “Revelation” and “Inspiration.”

We will also greatly benefit from hearing a brief testimony of faith from one of our members, so look forward to that.

Dessert will be available at 7 pm, with our study starting shortly after that.

Grace & Truth!

~ tr

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