Posted by: StrongStakes | March 4, 2014

What happens when an Evangelical observes Lent?

Tomorrow, March 5, 2014, is “Ash Wednesday,” beginning the historically 40-day period of time called Lent.  Since I was raised as a “Protestant – Evangelical – Fundamentalist” … all I ever heard about Lent was a little too Roman Catholic and therefore, off limits.  That was unfortunate … click on the link above to download a one-page handout and find out why.

In addition, I was just made aware of a wonderful resource to aid our observance of Lent.  Biola University’s “Center for Christianity, Culture & the Arts” has produced The Lent Project, spanning 54 days of discovery, each week focused on a particular theme:

  • Week 1 (March 5-8), focuses on the call to discipleship.
  • Week 2 (March 9-15) on the teachings of Christ.
  • Week 3 (March 16-22) on Old Testament typologies.
  • Week 4 (March 23-29) on the finished work of Christ.
  • Week 5 (March 30-April 5) on the last words of Christ.
  • Week 6 (April 6-12) takes us on a journey to the cross.
  • Week 7 (April 13-19) walks with Christ and His followers through Holy Week.
  • Week 8, called “Bright Week” (April 20-27), finishes The Lent Project with the marvelous accounts of Christ’s post-resurrection appearances.

I encourage you to bookmark their website … The Lent Project … and visit it daily to read and ponder each new devotional.  May God use these to prepare our hearts, minds and lives to fully embrace the significance of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace & Truth!

~ tr

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