Posted by: StrongStakes | February 8, 2014

Woe! Woe! … What do two martyrs reveal about the future?

Two_WitnessesRevelation 11:14 states that “the second woe is past,” which when analyzed, includes strange happenings in the previous 13 verses.

  • The apostle John is given a “measuring rod” and told to measure three things in Jerusalem.
  • Two mysteriously powerful martyrs are introduced, who first witness to unbelievers, then are killed, and then are resurrected!
  • The “beast out of the abyss” takes center stage.

To aid your preparation for our initial look at Revelation chapter 11 this Monday evening, here are some questions to think about as you read the chapter.

  1. What is behind the metaphor of “measuring” the temple, the altar, and the worshipers in v. 1?  *Hint: Read Ezekiel 40:1-4; then scan 40:5 – 42:20; then read 43:1-12.
  2. Why was John instructed NOT to measure the “outer court” of the temple?  (v. 2)
  3. Who are potential identities of the “two witnesses”?  Why?  (vv. 3-6)
  4. Who is the “beast out of the abyss”?  (v. 7)
  5. What city is referenced in v. 8?
  6. Much has been written about the various combinations of specific numbers in this chapter (e.g., 42 months, 1260 days, 1/10 of the city, 7000 people).  What might these describe?
  7. Why do the earth-dwellers “throw a party” when the two witnesses are martyred?  (v. 10)
  8. What is the unexpected response of survivors after they observe the resurrection of the two witnesses?  (v. 13)

Download, print, and bring this attachment with you for note-taking … Revelation 11:1-19.

Our study of this chapter will begin shortly after 7 pm on Monday, after we enjoy a dessert.  See you then!

Grace & Truth!

~ tr

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