Posted by: StrongStakes | February 7, 2014

Overcoming “Spiritual Bulimia”

John_Eats_BookHow often do we “binge & purge” God’s Word at conferences, retreats, and even at Sunday services? … without daily ingesting, digesting and metabolizing the spiritual truths He has prepared for us?

In our recent study of Revelation chapter 10, the primary imperative for the apostle John was to “eat the book.”  This metaphor is not new in Scripture.  The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel was told to do the same (Ezek. 2:8 – 3:11).  His contemporary Jeremiah wrote about the benefits of eating God’s Word (Jer. 15:16).  Wisdom literature also points to the desirable effects of feeding on God’s Word (Psalm 19:9-10; 119:103; Proverbs 24:13-14).

From this chapter we discovered several practical take-aways that can be applied to our lives as disciples of Jesus:

  • We must ingest, digest and metabolize God’s Word … daily!
  • Then as bearers of the knowledge of God, we testify to both life (sweetness) and death (bitterness).
  • We do not shrink from studying and declaring the whole counsel [purposes] of God (Acts 20:27).
  • Our charge is not to dilute or adapt the message to audience preferences, but to simply share God’s truth (2 Timothy 4:1-5).
  • Christ-like character is not formed from a random collection of favorite texts and personal experiences, but by digesting and metabolizing whole books of the Bible, allowing the Holy Spirit, Who inspired these books, to determine our spiritual diet.
  • Finally, we can only effectively proclaim and share what we have actually assimilated into our being.

For more details from the past three weeks of our Bible study, click here for the handout:  Revelation 10:1-11 Notes.

Grace & Truth!

~ tr

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