Posted by: StrongStakes | October 24, 2013

“Who is able to stand?” – Notes on Revelation 6:1-17

Click on this link for the Revelation 6:1-17 Notes and Revelation 6 Slideshow.  During the three weeks we studied this chapter in which six seals are broken on the scroll of God, by Jesus the “slain Lamb of God,” we observed a progressive unveiling of what happens to humanity when God “gives them over” to the consequences of their sinful behavior … and the worst is yet to come!

This chapter reaches a crescendo in the final phrase of the last verse … a haunting question … “who is able to stand”?

When faced with the “wrath of the Lamb,there is only one escape … the blood of that same Lamb! … shed on our behalf … Praise God Almighty!


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