Posted by: StrongStakes | October 14, 2013

“Cocoon of Solitude” a.k.a. “Chapel on Wheels”



Join me in a week-long challenge to turn your auto’s interior into an opportunity to listen to God.  Between now and next Monday’s Bible study, whenever you are driving alone in your car, truck, or motorcycle, simply turn off the radio, CD, iPod, or phone.  Instead, simply carry on conversations with your Heavenly Father.

You may choose to ask Him for or about things (prayer) … or for other people (intercession) … or you may choose to sing “outbursts of praise & worship” to Him … but I also encourage you to simply be still and listen to Him.

Come prepared next Monday to share with the rest of us what He said to you! … should be interesting and fun!


~ tr


  1. Really enjoying my cocoon of solitude thus far! While I don’t have any “audible” experiences to share, I can say that the lack of distraction has allowed me to think a lot more clearly and come up with some great ideas for work / play / family.

  2. Silence in car (cocooning) = nice chats with Jesus. I’m enjoying the accessibility…which is all on my being accessible (not Him). I’m finding it slows my pace down (which is not always easy) which in turn allows me to be more sensitive to His presence/leading. Shades of Alan Fadling’s “The Unhurried Life”…

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