Posted by: StrongStakes | October 5, 2013

Color-Coded Horses of the Apocalypse

Four Horses


We are entering the portion in Revelation that we have called “shock & awe” … what most people visualize when they think about the Apocalypse.  There are some interesting surprises in store for us, though … There is much more here than what most folks imagine!

To prepare for Monday night’s study, download the Revelation 6:1-17 handout for taking notes; then think about the following questions as you read through chapter six, specifically focusing on vv. 1-8.

  • Following the Lamb breaking the first seal on the scroll in v. 1, who speaks?  What does the command, “Come,” communicate to you? … (repeated in vv. 3, 5, 7)
  • What might be significant to the use of horses in vv. 2-8?  How about their colors? … white, red, black and “ashen” (pale yellowish green)?
  • Who is riding the white horse in v. 2, and what might the “bow” and “crown” signify?
  • What does “a pair of scales in his hand” represent in v. 5?
  • What is unusual about a “quart of wheat” or “three quarts of barley” costing a “denarius” in v. 6?  Why the prohibition against damaging the “oil and wine”?
  • What roles do “Death” and “Hades” play in v. 8?

Dessert will be served at 7 pm, so plan to arrive in time to enjoy that.  The study begins shortly thereafter.


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