Posted by: StrongStakes | October 4, 2013

Revelation Outbursts of Praise


After John led us into God’s Throne Room in Revelation 4 & 5, we quickly discovered that it is a place full of praise and worship.  In fact, there are so many hymns of worship … or “outbursts of praise” … in the book of Revelation that it rivals the O.T. book of Psalms in this regard.

There are at least 11 separate songs of worship within Revelation, many with multiple verses, sung by various creatures!  Download and print this handout, Outbursts of Praise & Worship, and use it to unpack this seldom-taught aspect of Revelation.  Who is engaged in praising and worshiping?  For what, specifically, are they praising God?

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”!


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