Posted by: StrongStakes | September 6, 2013

Look @ What’s Next!


Have you ever wondered “What’s next”? … as in the BIG “next”! … after this life is over?

For followers of Jesus we have several clear pictures of “Next” in Scripture … one of the clearest is found in Revelation 4:1-11.  Click on the link to download a handout of the text where you can takes notes.

When we leave this “dusty marble” of a planet, our next view should be the Throne Room of Almighty God!  Use the following questions to spur on your preparation for this coming Monday night’s Bible study.

  • Whose voice does John hear?
  • What analogies does John use to describe the “One sitting on the throne”?
  • Who are these “24 elders”?
  • What is the primary activity of chapter 4?
  • Who are the “four living creatures”?
  • What does the phrase “full of eyes around and within” mean?
  • Compare Revelation 4 with similar O.T. passages:  Isaiah 6:1-7 and Ezekiel 1:1-28.
  • Meditate on the various meanings of our new memory verse:  Revelation 4:11.  Click on the link for a handout of memory cards.

The dessert will be served by 7 pm (thanks to Chuck W.) … so show up early to enjoy that!


~ tr


  1. “Spiritual formation of the church requires deliberate and devoted action by each individual member of the body”. – A grateful OC Berean.

  2. EXCELLENT! Very profound insight … thank you Ryan!

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