Posted by: StrongStakes | August 27, 2013

Laodicea: Discipline = Intimacy + Commitment


When we began our in-depth study of the Message to Laodicea, we made the unhappy discovery that they had made Jesus so sick, He wanted to throw up!  However, over these past several weeks, we observed how Jesus gently wooed these self-deceived believers back into an intimate relationship with Him … what mercy! … what grace!

In fact, we determined that His loving discipline of these late-1st-Century-believers actually produced deeper spiritual intimacy and whole-hearted commitment.  In addition, we concluded that when we grant to Jesus complete access to our heart and life, He promises us access to His throne! … what glory!

Click on these two links for resources from our study of the Message to Laodicea:

Remember that we will NOT meet Labor Day evening, so you can enjoy one final, summer BBQ with family & friends.  We will meet again on Monday, September 9th.  Resources for that evening’s study will be posted soon.

Continue to lift up each other in prayer … Shalom!

~ tr

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