Posted by: StrongStakes | June 20, 2013

Pop Quiz!


For those of you unable to join us this past Monday, I sprung a Pop Quiz on the guys!  Click the link and take the quiz … without checking your notes!

One of the key highlights of Monday night’s study of the Message to Philadelphia was found in the self-description of Jesus in Revelation 3:7

Because Jesus is …

  • “holy” meaning He is, in fact, God …
  • “true” meaning He is genuine … the “real deal” … and
  • … has the “key of David” (cf., Isaiah 22:22) meaning He controls the access to God’s throne room …

He can be totally trusted when He promises to put an “open door” before us.

When we meet again on Monday, July 1st, come prepared to share how God has opened doors of ministry for you … or maybe closed doors, too.

Continue to pray for each other!


~ tr

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