Posted by: StrongStakes | June 15, 2013

The Message to Philadelphia


We WILL meet for Bible study this Monday, June 17th!  Please review the following questions to prepare you for our discussion on Revelation 3:7-13.  Download and print the handout, Message to Philadelphia, and bring this with you for note-taking.

  1. What does the word Philadelphia mean?
  2. What is communicated by the character traits of Jesus noted in 3:7?  Where else can you find these character traits?
  3. What specific things does Jesus know [οἶδα] about the Christians in Philadelphia?
  4. God placed an open door of opportunity in front of the church at Philadelphia.  What open doors of ministry are before the church today?
  5. We tend to view churches with large facilities, congregations, and/or budgets as “successful” … yet Jesus proclaimed that Philadelphia possessed “little power” (v. 8) … What are God’s standards for using a church, or making it successful?

Dessert will be served a little before 7 pm … our study will start soon after that.

Remember to bring …

  • …  your Bible
  • …  a notebook or journal
  • …  something to write with
  • …  ears ready to hear
  • …  eyes longing to see
  • …  an open mind eager to learn
  • …  a softened heart ready to receive God’s truth
  • …  and a yielded will ready to heed His instruction!

I am eager to be with all of you again! … and to show you more pictures of my grandson!  😉


~ tr

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