Posted by: StrongStakes | May 5, 2013

Finishing Thyatira … on to Sardis!


You may find this hard to believe … we are not yet ready to leave the Letter to Thyatira!  😉

At the conclusion of last week’s Bible study, I posed the question, “Who is the smartest person you’ve ever met?”  We then discussed just how completely Jesus can address every issue in our lives … including our careers … because He, in fact, is that Person.

Since Jesus warns about impending judgment because of Thyatiran business practices, we want to make application to our careers and vocations, too.  So before we conclude our look at this letter, ponder this question:

“Why do you work?”

We will attempt to briefly sketch a “Biblical Theology of Work” before we move onto our introduction to the Message to Sardis.  Please download and print the handout, and bring this with you Monday night for additional note-taking.  You may also want to invest several minutes and read Revelation 3:1-6, while asking, what is the “big idea” or “one thing” that Jesus is communicating to the Christians in Sardis.

Steve P. will provide the dessert, which will be served just prior to 7 pm.

We have been praying for a number of strategic requests this past week … You will want to be here to hear about how God has graciously been answering our prayers.


~ tr

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