Posted by: StrongStakes | April 26, 2013

12 Accountability Questions for Leaders


Two weekends ago, Jim Burns, from HomeWord, was guest-preaching at the church we attend: Coast Hills.  As part of his message, Jim shared “12 Accountability Questions for Leaders” that he and Doug Fields developed.  Since our last Monday night’s Bible study on the letter to Thyatira led us toward a discussion on the importance of mutual accountability, I thought these questions would be a valuable resource for you to contemplate:

  1. Do you like the person you are becoming?
  2. Is your heart for God shrinking or growing?
  3. Are you giving your family only your emotional table scraps?
  4. Have you done anything that compromised your integrity with the opposite sex?
  5. Have you compromised your integrity with finances?
  6. Is your character submitted to Christ?
  7. Are you faithfully involved with worship and service?
  8. Is your pace of life sustainable?
  9. Have you allowed a person or circumstance to rob you of joy?
  10. Are you taking care of your body through physical exercise, proper eating and sleeping habits?
  11. Have you been faithful to regular connections with Jesus?
  12. Have you lied on any of your answers with me?

As we prepare to wrap up our study of Thyatira this next Monday, here are a few additional questions to ponder:

  • In 2:23, Jesus promises, “I will give to each one of you according to your deeds.”  Justify this statement with your understanding of God’s grace.
  • What are the “deep things of Satan” in v. 24?
  • What is promised to the “overcomers”? (vv. 26-28)
  • Identify the “morning star” of v. 28.

In addition, please download and print the handout, Message to Sardis, and bring this with you Monday night for additional note-taking.

Steve B. is bringing the dessert, so arrive by 7 pm to enjoy that.  Even though we are all “creatures of habit,” consider sitting in a different seat, too! … this will facilitate our growing fellowship.


~ tr


  1. While tomorrow is National Day of Prayer, which everyday should be, let’s not only be praying for our immediate needs, but the state of the Church around the world. We have been studying about them and know Jesus has been warning us, may mankind really wake up, grasp this and take heed


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