Posted by: StrongStakes | January 2, 2012

Daniel’s Apocalyptic Vision


We were reminded tonight that biblical “apocalyptic” literature “reveals what has been hidden” and includes these five components:

  1. A revelation given by God …
  2. … through a mediator …
  3. … to a seer …
  4. … concerning the future …
  5. … as a source of comfort and encouragement for God’s people.

Click here for the Daniel 7:1-8 Notes from tonight’s study which introduced Daniel’s apocalyptic vision.  Chapters 7-12 will include several keys that will help to unlock our future study of the New Testament book of Revelation.

Make it a weekly commitment to join the rest of the OC Bereans on Monday nights at 7 pm to keep pace with this strategic study of Daniel.  The weekly fellowship, interaction and discussion around the Scripture passage are much more valuable than merely reading the printed notes.  In fact, invite a friend to join us, too!

Finally, I exhort you to join me in reading through the Bible this year.  Check out the last blog post for suggestions, plus there are links at the top of the right-side toolbar that will take you to scores of optional plans for accomplishing this.

I invite each of you to register your commitment for reading through the Bible in 2012 by posting a comment here on the blog, telling us what plan you have adopted.  We will all then hold each other accountable throughout this year-long discipline.

Until we meet again next Monday, continue to pray for each other.

Abide in the Vine!

~ tr


  1. Tim,
    Thank you for your significant investment in time to the OC Bereans.


  2. Scott,
    You are welcome! It is what energizes me … praise God!
    ~ tr

  3. Tim:
    I usually have a CD of the Bible on CD in my car and will just start at Genesis and go through the Bible this year that way.


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