Posted by: StrongStakes | December 29, 2011

Resolve to Read, Study & Live the Word in 2012


Let us all resolve to read through the entire Bible in 2012!  Check out the links at the top of the right-side toolbar: 2012 Bible Reading Plans.  You will find scores of options available to help make this resolution a reality:

  • Print out a plan to tuck away in your Bible.
  • Bookmark a plan in your browser for online reading.
  • Enroll to have a daily reading emailed to you.
  • Set up your mobile device to receive a daily reading.
  • You can even choose to listen to the daily reading!

Let us all resolve to study the Scriptures in more depth than ever before in 2012!  Check out the links in the second section of the right-side toolbar: Bible Study Tools.  The newest addition is a very robust Bible study tool for the iPhone.  More tools will be added throughout the year.

Let us all resolve to live the Word of God throughout 2012!  The accountability that comes from consistent participation with the “OC Bereans” will help us all to be more faithful with this resolution.

Enough men requested it, so we plan to meet this coming Monday, January 2nd, at 7 pm.  Roc even promised to bring dinner!

Click here for the Daniel 7 handout and bring it with you.  In lieu of my normal list of questions, simply read through the chapter in preparation for our study, looking for patterns, key words, or anything that seems to “jump off the page” at you.

See you next year!

~ tr

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