Posted by: StrongStakes | July 19, 2011

True Faith: All About Obedience


Once again, Dallas Willard “hits the nail on the head” with these quotes from “The Great Omission”:

“The missing note in evangelical life today is not in the first instance spirituality but rather obedience.  We have generated a variety of religion to which obedience is not regarded as essential … But I don’t understand how anyone can look ingenuously at the contents of the Scripture and say that Jesus intends anything else for us but obedience.  So my first point is simply: Life in Christ has to do with obedience to His teaching.” (pp. 44-45)

Click here for the Hebrews 11:1-7 Notes from last night’s study.

Questions still remain from the previous post that will help prepare you for next Monday’s study.  Brent will bring the dessert! … need I say more? … his reputation precedes him!  See you at 7 pm next Monday.

Continue to pray for each other!

~ tr

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