Posted by: StrongStakes | July 15, 2011

What does it take to get “inducted”?


Are you ready to get back into our study of the N.T. book of Hebrews?  Hopefully, you’ve continued your study of chapter 11, the “Faithful Hall of Fame,” even though we have not met collectively since June 27th.

Before posting additional questions for Monday’s study, I must share with you two quotes from Dallas Willard’s, “The Great Omission,” that I have been chewing on for the past couple weeks:

“You might wish to think about what your life amounts to before you die, about what kind of person you are becoming, and about whether you really would be comfortable for eternity in the presence of One whose company you have not found especially desirable for the few hours and days of your earthly existence.  And He is, after all, One who says to you now, ‘Follow me’!”  (p. 17)

“Yet it is today necessary to assert boldly and often that becoming Christ-like never occurs without intense and well-informed action on our part.  This in turn cannot be reliably sustained outside of a like-minded fellowship.  Our churches (Bible studies?) will be centers of spiritual formation only as they understand Christ-likeness and communicate it to individuals, through teaching and example, in a convincing and supportive fashion.”  (pp. 80-81)

To prepare for Monday night’s discussion (please prepare!), carefully read through the entire chapter.  The handout for Hebrews 11 is embedded in the June 24th post below.  Please review questions #4 and #5 in that post as well.  Here are additional questions to prepare you for Monday:

  • Make a list of the members of this “Faithful Hall of Fame” … how many are there? … what did it take for them to get inducted?
  • Look for specific “spiritual disciplines” practiced by the men and women of faith listed in vv. 4-40.
  • In the midst of these stories of faith are deposited nuggets of spiritual truth.  Identify as many as possible … “take-aways” that we can apply today as well.
  • What do you suppose made Abel’s sacrifice “better” than Cain’s?  (v. 4)
  • What unprecedented thing happened to Enoch?  (v. 5)
  • What results of faith are found in Noah’s life?  (v. 7)
  • What evidences are there that Abraham was a man of faith?  (vv. 8-10)
  • Did Sarah act immediately like a woman of faith?  (v. 11)
  • Isaac is referred to as a “type” in v. 19 … a “type” of what or whom?

Plan to arrive by 7 pm … Bob H. is bringing a “first-time” dessert / snack!  The study will start shortly after this.

*SPECIAL NOTE:  The Gate 3 entrance to Casta del Sol will be closed Monday, due to street re-surfacing.  I will email all of you a reminder on Sunday, along with a map.

Eager to see … and hear from … all of you!

~ tr

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