Posted by: StrongStakes | June 26, 2010

Conflicted Spirituality


Here are questions to aid your preparation for Monday night’s Bible study on Romans 7:14-25

  • In this section (vv. 14-23), is Paul describing his experience before or after conversion?
  • Describe how the “Law is spiritual.”  (v. 14)
  • When and how was Paul (we) “sold into bondage to sin”?  (v. 14)
  • By doing things that Paul would rather avoid, how does this demonstrate that the “Law is good”?  (v. 16)
  • In vv. 17 and 20, is this a “cop-out”? … Is Paul refusing to take responsibility for his actions?
  • In light of the overall context of chapters 6 and 7, why is the phrase “waging war” significant?  (v. 23)
  • Can you identify with the cry of Paul’s heart in v. 24?

A handout for Romans 7:14-25 is available for download at the Media Drop Box on the right-side toolbar.

Dessert will be served at 7 pm … followed by our study!

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