Posted by: StrongStakes | June 19, 2010

Released from the Law … United with Christ


Use these nine questions to help prepare for Monday night’s study of Romans 7:1-13

  1. To whom in Paul’s audience is he primarily speaking in these verses?
  2. What does Paul’s analogy in vv. 2-3 teach us about the pact of marriage?
  3. What does Paul mean in v. 4 by “bearing fruit for God”?
  4. Why does Paul change the personal pronouns of v. 4 from “you” to “we”?
  5. How are “sinful passions … aroused by the law”?  (v. 5)
  6. In what ways can they “bear fruit for death”?  (v. 5)
  7. Contrast the motivation for our Christian service.  (v. 6)
  8. What does Paul mean by v. 9 … when was he “alive apart from the Law”?
  9. In v. 12, Paul sounds like he is referring to the O.T.  Any idea where?

A handout for Romans 7:1-13 is available for download at the Media Drop Box.

See you at 7 pm for dessert, followed by our study!

~ tr

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