Posted by: StrongStakes | May 6, 2010

Consequences of Justification


Remember, whenever you see the word, “therefore” in Paul’s letters, stop and ask: “What’s it there … for?!”

Here are eight questions to aid your preparation for Monday night’s study of Romans chapter 5:

  1. Paul identifies several consequences of our justification by faith in this chapter.  How many can you identify?
  2. What produces hope?
  3. Describe our “pre-salvation” condition in v. 6.
  4. Think of an example to illustrate v. 7.
  5. How would you differentiate between “reconciled” and “saved” in v. 10?
  6. Who is this “one man” in v. 12?
  7. Define “imputed.”  (v. 13)
  8. Re-write v. 16 in your own words.

Download the handout for this study at the “Media Drop Box” located at the right-side toolbar, under “Bible Study Tools.”

Dessert is served at 7 pm … the study starts shortly after that.

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