Posted by: StrongStakes | April 29, 2010

Faith’s Progeny


Here are additional questions to help us unpack our study of Romans chapter 4.  These focus specifically on vv. 14-25.

  1. How does the Law “bring about wrath”? (v. 15)
  2. What O.T. promise/verse is fulfilled in vv. 16-17?
  3. The NASB translates an unusual phrase by Paul in v. 18: “In hope against hope …” What does this mean?
  4. Paul seems to describe in vv. 19-21 a sequence of events within Abraham’s faith.  What are the components?
  5. In which verse do we enter the discussion?
  6. Why does Paul connect the resurrection of Jesus to His death? (vv. 24-25).

An updated handout on chapter 4, including these questions, has been uploaded to the “Media Drop Box.”

Carl is scheduled to bring another one (or two?) of his wife’s “award-winning desserts” … you will want to arrive by 7 pm … BEFORE it’s all gone!

~ tr


  1. As I read over chapter four of Romans, I found it very interesting how Paul emphasizes the fact that Abraham was justified by faith before the law was even given. I guess I had never really thought of it in that was.

    Looking forward to more discussion on this next week.

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