Posted by: StrongStakes | April 2, 2010

Romans 2:17-29


Use these questions to help prepare for Monday night’s study:

  1. Who, specifically, is Paul now focused on in this section?
  2. In what specific elements did the Jews place their pride? (vv. 18-20)
  3. In vv. 21-23, how/why were these people guilty of stealing, adultery, etc.?
  4. From where in the O.T. is Paul quoting? (v. 21)
  5. What is “circumcision” and why is it significant?
  6. What is “circumcision of the heart”?  What is the O.T. basis for this? (v. 29)

Download the handout for this study at the “Media Drop Box” located at the right-side toolbar, under “Bible Study Tools.”

Dessert is served at 7 pm, with the study starting minutes after that!

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