Posted by: StrongStakes | March 24, 2010

The Moralist


Here are prep questions for next Monday’s study of Romans 2:1-16.

  1. Paul employs a distinct writing style in this chapter, which he repeats throughout his letter.  Can you identify it?
  2. What does Paul mean by the last phrase in v. 1?
  3. What effect should God’s grace have on humanity?
  4. From where does Paul derive the quote in v. 6?
  5. Does v. 7 indicate a “salvation by works”?
  6. Can you identify suitable cross-references for v. 11?
  7. What is the “take-away” principle of v. 12?
  8. On what O.T. passage is the truth of v. 15 based?

Download the handout for this study at the “Media Drop Box” located at the right-side toolbar, under “Bible Study Tools.”

Dessert is served at 7 pm, with the study starting minutes after that!

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