Posted by: StrongStakes | November 24, 2009

Historical Setting for Esther


Wow! … what a blessing we all received from Carl’s testimony last night!

Here are six questions to facilitate your preparation for next Monday’s in-depth study of Esther chapter one:

1. Chronologically, where does the book of Esther fit into the canon of the Old Testament?

2. Other than marrying Esther, what other events made Xerxes famous (or infamous)?

3. Why are “army officers” specifically listed as attendees at Xerxes’ lavish banquet?

4. Who (what) were the eunuchs mentioned in 1:10?

5. Why do you think Memucan, one of the king’s closest advisers, proposed that Vashti be banished?

6. What was a primary distinctive of the laws of Persia and Media?

May God bless your celebration of Thanksgiving this week!  We all have MUCH to be thankful for!

If you have not yet downloaded and printed the two documents from <; please do so since we will refer to both.

See you next Monday!

~ tr

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