Posted by: StrongStakes | November 19, 2009

One Night With the King


“One Night With the King,” starring Peter O’Toole, Tiffany DuPont, Luke Goss and Omar Sharif was the 2006 movie depicting the unlikely love story between Hadassah, a beautiful Jewess, and the powerful Xerxes, the king of Persia.  This coming Monday night we begin our in-depth study of this curious Old Testament book of Esther.

To prepare for our introduction to the book, plan to read through the ten chapters at least once, in one sitting, prior to Monday night.  In addition, ponder the following points/questions:

1.  Who are the main characters?

2.  What else is happening in the world at this time?  In other words, place this story within the context of history, both biblical and secular.

3.  Summarize the primary points of the story.

4.  What peculiarities do you notice about this book of Esther?

5.  What is/are the purpose(s) of the book?

Instructions for downloading additional notes will be emailed to you.

See you Monday at 7 pm!

~ tr

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