Posted by: StrongStakes | September 22, 2009

Naomi or Ruth: Who Showed More Faith?


After a quick review last night, we made solid progress in the book of Ruththree verses!  It’s great to be back into an in-depth study of God’s Word!

To prepare for next week and the remainder of chapter one, consider these questions:

  1. After the death of her husband and two sons, Naomi decides to return to Bethlehem.  What motivated her:  desperation, faith, or something else?
  2. Ruth responds to Naomi with an oft-quoted (sometimes sung) affirmation in 1:16-17.  Identify the component parts.
  3. Contrast Naomi’s four-fold accusations upon her arrival in Bethlehem in 1:20-21.
  4. What is the significance of the “barley harvest” mentioned in 1:22?

Bob promises to bring next week’s dessert … should be good … as usual!

The study starts at 7 pm … see you before then!

~ tr

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