Posted by: StrongStakes | January 4, 2014

Monday Bible Study vs. NCAA Football Championship

If you’re a college football fan, then here’s a quandary for this new year …

Should you attend Monday night’s OC Bereans Bible study? … OR … stay home and watch the NCAA football championship game?

Unless you’re an alumnus of Auburn or Florida State, the decision is really a no-brainer! … or is it?  The last time our Monday night study was suspended for an NCAA championship game was in 2006, and we all know what happened … the wrong team won … unless you’re a Longhorn fan!  Right then I said, “Never again”!

I can assure you that this Monday’s Bible study will be the MOST impactful study of this new year … at least so far!  😉  If you’re in town, please join us at 7 pm.

Hopefully, the OC Bereans faithful will show up in force … sort of like to a football game!  Here is what to expect and how to prepare for Monday night’s study:

  • Download, print, and bring this attachment with you for note-taking — Revelation 9:1-12.
  • Read through the first 12 verses of Revelation chapter 9, reflecting on the six questions below.
  • Come prepared to share one thing you resolve to do (or be) in 2014.
  • Plan to share one to three words that you hope and pray will characterize 2014.
  • I also have a bit of a surprise that I want to share/discuss with you.

Here are six questions for your reflection on Revelation 9:

  1. When the fifth trumpet is sounded in v. 1, a “star from heaven” falls to earth.  But this “star” is also called a “him” … Why?  Who or what is this star?
  2. Describe the “locusts” that emerge from the abyss.
  3. What role will they play in God’s judgment on the earth?
  4. How has God’s judgment changed from the earlier seal and trumpet judgments?
  5. Who is Abaddon or Apollyon?
  6. Jump ahead to vv. 20-21 … what are the results of God’s judgments on the earth?

By the way, the football game will be on my TV up until we start the study.  Plus, someone with a smartphone can keep us posted on the final outcome, if you like!

Eagerly looking forward to being together with you men! … our living room has been way too quiet the past four Monday nights.

Grace & Truth!

~ tr


  1. As a Michigan Wolverine fan, I am boycotting all football activities for at least a year. I would live to be there, but my flight today was cancelled in the frozen tundra that is Northern Michigan. I I am currently scheduled to touch down in OC Monday night at 9:10 am. Pray for no more cancellations or delays and a good flight as my daughter and I HATE flying. I have genuinely missed you guys over the break and can’t wait to re-engage with the group. See you all soon! Ryan

  2. No quandary. I’ll be there. Perhaps I can keep the FSU fans in our study updated by going into a tomahawk chop motion each time FSU scores. I’ll have to figure out a signal related to a tiger for Auburn scores. Just kidding of course. I’ll just stick with paying attention to the study.

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