Posted by: StrongStakes | December 3, 2013

There’s Grace in Angels’ Trumpet Blasts!

God’s grace is AMAZING!

God’s grace is prevalent throughout the Book of Revelation … even in the midst of all the “shock & awe” of the end times.

As four angels blast trumpets in Revelation chapter 8, God’s grace is once again on display!  These four end-time judgments impact only one-third of the earth … essentially giving the “earth-dwellers” still another occasion to repent and turn toward Jesus, the “Lamb that was slain.”  Although we do not wish anyone to experience these horrible (deserved) judgments, nevertheless, God is patient, long-suffering, merciful and gracious.

God’s sovereignty is also on display!  For those on this planet who would worship creation more than the Creator … be they animists in the remotest regions of this globe … or politicians scheming to line their pockets with profit … these Trumpet Judgments clearly reveal Who is ultimately in control!

Click on this link to download more details in the Revelation 8:1-13 Notes.


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