Posted by: StrongStakes | September 24, 2013

Slain Lamb heralds Lion of Judah


At last night’s Bible study about Revelation 5, a poignant question was asked (thanks Ryan!) …

“Why was it necessary for Jesus to first come as a ‘Suffering Servant’ before He comes as the conquering King?”

Or, asked in the imagery portrayed in Revelation 5, the question looks like this …

“How/Why must a slain Lamb herald the Lion of Judah?”

Lion of Judah_Lamb of God

This is a question for the ages! … the O.T. prophet Isaiah diligently presents a comprehensive answer(s) to this question … in fact, the answer to this question causes all those present in God’s Throne Room in Revelation 5 to spontaneously break out in a massive celestial choir!

In preparation for our second look at Revelation 5 next Monday, invest a quantity of time pondering this question.  Be a “good Berean” … study the Scriptures to discover the answer.

Here’s a tip:  The key, operative word in the question is “necessary”!

See you next Monday!


~ tr

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