Posted by: StrongStakes | May 29, 2013

Jesus’ Call to Spiritual Vigilance


Complacency kills!  Just as one of our members noted a few weeks ago, this maxim holds true on the military battlefield, and in the daily Christian life.

“Complacent” derives from Latin meaning “to take the fancy of” … to be pleased with oneself or one’s situation, often without awareness of potential danger or defect.  The history of the ancient city of Sardis is a parable which Jesus uses to demonstrate the dire consequences of complacency.

Jesus employs five imperatives in Revelation 3:1-6 to call us to spiritual vigilance:

1.  “wake up” (v. 2) = to give strict attention to; be on the alert; literally, “show yourselves to be watchful”

2.  “strengthen” (v. 2) [στηρίζω   stērizō] = literally, “stand something on its feet” … to make stable, place firmly, set fast, establish something by making it strong.  At Monday night’s Memorial Day study this image immediately came to mind.


3.  “remember” (v. 3) = constantly bearing in mind … a present tense imperative denoting continual recall … but not merely bringing things to mind, but also putting them into practice.

4.  *Show up Monday night, June 3rd, for this one!

5.  *Show up Monday night, June 3rd, for this one, too!  😉

Please continue to pray for each other and the many requests that we have been sharing with each other.


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