Posted by: StrongStakes | May 12, 2013

Questions for Sardis


I’m runnin’ later than normal on getting these prep questions to you … there have been some “very nice distractions” this week … namely, the birth of our first grandchild … Liam Baker Robertson!


Monday night we will focus our attention on Revelation 3:1-6 … the Message to Sardis … use these questions to ready yourself for our discussion:

  • What is the “Big Idea” in this letter?
  • What comparisons can you make between this letter and the letter to Ephesus?  (2:1-7)
  • What meaning do the “seven Spirits of God” and the “seven stars” have for Christians in Sardis?
  • What does Jesus know [οἶδα] about these believers?
  • Identify five imperatives that Jesus uses to correct the Sardian Christians in vv. 2-3.

Steve T. will bring the dessert, so arrive by 7 pm to partake of that!  A “Liam Pictorial” will begin shortly after that 😉 … followed by our study!


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