Posted by: StrongStakes | April 5, 2013

Pergamum Study Notes & Slideshow …Thyatira Handout & Questions


Click on the link to download the Revelation 2:12-17 Notes on the Letter to Pergamum, plus a copy of the Revelation 2:12-17 (slideshow).

In addition, please download and print the handout, Message to Thyatira, and bring this with you Monday night for note-taking.  The following questions will help introduce our initial discussion on Thyatira (2:18-29):

  • Where was Thyatira located?  For what was this city known?
  • What is communicated by the title and character traits of Jesus noted in 2:18?   (cf., 1:13-15)
  • What specific things does Jesus know [οἶδα] about the Christians in Thyatira?  (2:19)  Do you detect a “pattern” in these items, or some sort of interconnectedness?
  • Identify the warnings that Jesus issues.  (2:20-23)
  • Who is Jezebel?  Check out the exploits of her O.T. namesake:  1 Kings 16:29-31;  18:4, 13;  19:1-2;  21:1-16, 23;  2 Kings 9:30-37.

Scott B. is providing Monday night’s dessert, so plan to arrive by 7 pm to enjoy that … and to secure a nearby parking spot!

Continue to pray for each other and the many requests that have been shared recently.


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