Posted by: StrongStakes | March 21, 2013

Pergamum: A Too-Tolerant Church


Please review the following questions to prepare you for next Monday night’s discussion on Revelation 2:12-17.  Download and print the handout, Message to Pergamum, and bring this with you for note-taking.

  1. What does the word Pergamum mean?
  2. What is communicated by the character trait of Jesus noted in 2:12?   (cf., 1:16)
  3. What specific things does Jesus know [οἶδα] about the Christians in Pergamum?
  4. What problem areas does Jesus identify?
  5. Define the “teaching of Balaam.”  Who were Balaam and Balak in the O.T.?  (Hint: Use the Blue Letter Bible to aid your research)
  6. Re-define the “teaching of the Nicolaitans.”  (cf., 2:6)
  7. What remedy does Jesus provide?
  8. What warning does Jesus give?
  9. Identify three gifts Jesus promises to grant to the “overcomers.”  Define these terms.

Rick P. will provide the dessert, so plan to show up by 7 pm to start enjoying that … besides the best parking spots are available then, too!  Our discussion will start soon after that.  Remember to bring …

  • …  your Bible
  • …  a notebook or journal
  • …  something to write with
  • …  ears ready to hear
  • …  eyes longing to see
  • …  an open mind eager to learn
  • …  a softened heart ready to receive God’s truth
  • …  and a yielded will ready to heed His instruction!


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