Posted by: StrongStakes | February 16, 2013

Illness = Opportunity


Although my personal battle with the flu has caused the cancellation of this coming Monday night’s Bible study (2/18), there is a “silver lining” …  an opportunity for your personal growth in the Word.  Our normal tendency as “guys” may be to say, “Cool!  What’s on TV on Monday nights that I’ve been missing?” … or something related.  Instead, I exhort you not to take that detour … not to be tyrannized by the urgent … but I invite you to consider three alternatives for investing that two-hour block of time Monday night.

1.  Find a quiet place where just you and Jesus can talk about your relationship.  A handout has been created that will help you do this:  Meditation on “First Love”

2.  Consider sharing this handout with your spouse or another family member.  Follow the handout’s guidelines for the first hour, then share with each other during the second hour what Jesus said to you.  By the way, this will give that person a taste of what we experience every other month during our “Meet Jesus @ the Beach” gatherings.

3.  Or, you may want to gather together two or three of our OC Bereans for the same small group exercise.  In addition, by Monday I will post here on the blog my compiled teaching notes for Revelation chapter one, so you may want to simply review with each other what we have gleaned so far in our study of Revelation.

Although I will personally miss (immensely!) our weekly time of teaching and fellowship this Monday, I will be focused on listening to Jesus as He speaks to me out of Revelation chapter 2.

The Lord willing, we will all be back together again on Monday, February 25th!  In the meantime, the dessert rotation will be updated to reflect this interruption … Jon Y. is next on the list.

Let’s all continue to pray for each other’s health, as well, since other men are struggling with various ailments.


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