Posted by: StrongStakes | January 23, 2013

The Need to Heed


By the time Scott B. and Scott H. left my home after Monday night’s study on Revelation 1, they had created a new T-shirt design!

“I feel the need to heed” emblazoned across the chest …

Shalom! … on the back.

If you were present at the study, then you know exactly what this means.  If you were not with us, then take another look at our first memory verse … 1:3 … and the second half of John’s two-fold blessing/greeting in v. 4.

Since we really only answered the first of the 12 study questions listed in the previous post, then please review questions 2 thru 12 before next Monday night.

We also explored some of the new features of this blog and how to maximize them; plus, we demonstrated how to use the Blue Letter Bible in your daily study of the Bible.  If you were not with us on Monday, I will happily show you, too!

Remember to check the Dessert Rotation tab to see when you are scheduled to provide that for the men.  If you will not be with us on your scheduled dessert night, then please contact the next person on the list to request a trade … then please notify me, too.  This coming Monday, Bob J. is up for this.

Plan to arrive by 7 pm to enjoy that … we will start our study shortly after that.


~ tr




    Talk Soon

    Scott Scott Benzie (949) 636-2686


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