Posted by: StrongStakes | December 23, 2012

The Wonders of the Incarnation


The following is an excerpt from my son’s December newsletter for his ministry with Uncharted Waters Sports Ministry.  Since Nate & Rachel are expecting the birth of their first child next summer, his new perspectives on the Incarnation are so profound, I just had to share them with all of you.

A favorite part of Christmas for me is all of the traditions.  A favorite movie, cutting down that special tree, a silly gift exchange, whatever it is, most people have their favorite tradition.  My favorite tradition is a simple question my Mom asks us every year, “What about the Christmas Story is different for you this year?”  As the seasons change, and the weather starts getting colder, I know she is going to be asking this question, so my mind shifts to the story of Christ entering our world.

As you can imagine, with the birth of our first child on the way, our focus this year is a little different.  God’s 400-year silence, broken with the cries of a baby is a magnificent story, but we are focusing on what was happening in the nine months prior.

When Jesus stepped out of heaven and was made nothing … “taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness” … He wasn’t just sent as a baby.  He was made in our likeness from the very beginning … the size of a poppy seed.  The tongue that would speak words of redemption was formed in week 11.  The eyes that would see our hopelessness moved into place during the 14th week.  The feet that would walk up Calvary, began to kick in week 16.  The ears that would hear our cries for a Savior first opened at 18 weeks.  Likewise, the intricate details and the timing with which the Creator decides to knit our little one together, have kept us both fascinated this season.    ~ Nate Robertson, December 2012

I pray this will add a new dimension to your celebration of our Savior’s conception, development and birth.

Embrace God’s Grace this Christmas season!

~ tr

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