Posted by: StrongStakes | November 6, 2012

Testimony & Teaching

Charles Haddon Spurgeon preaching at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (1861)


To finish out this calendar year 2012, each of you will have the opportunity to share your testimony of faith, along with some brief teaching on a favorite Scripture passage … all within a span of 30 minutes!  If you were with us Monday night, then you observed a strong template for what this looks like by observing Nate’s testimony.  He skillfully incorporated more than one favorite Scripture passage into his 30-minute presentation!

If you have never shared your testimony of faith in a public setting, then these two links may help you:

Here are the scheduled dates and presenters:

Nov. 12  –  Steve T. and Steve P.

Nov. 19  –  Roc P. and Bill M.

Nov. 26  –  Brent M. and Rick M.

Dec. 3  –  Rick H. and Rick P.

Dec. 10  –  Bob J. and Scott B.

Dec. 17  –  Bob H. and Scott H.

If scheduling conflicts arise, please contact each other directly to discuss swapping dates, then let me know if there will be a change.

When the OC Bereans did this a little more than two years ago, it was a big hit!  We all look forward to hearing about God’s grace at work in your life!

Embrace God’s Grace!

~ tr

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