Posted by: StrongStakes | March 10, 2012

Daniel’s 70 Weeks, cont.


As we continue (and hopefully finish) our 5+ week discussion of Daniel chapter 9, here is how to prepare for Monday night’s study.

Download, print and bring with you the four charts embedded in the previous post … I cannot stress this enough.

Review the following questions prior to our time together:

  • Who is the focus of the decree in 9:24?
  • What six purposes will be fulfilled by God?  (v. 24)
  • Who is “Messiah the Prince”?  (v. 25)
  • Who is the “prince who is to come”  (v. 26)
  • What happens between vv. 26 & 27?
  • When will “week 70” occur?

In case we begin our discussion of chapter 10, here are a few bonus questions:

  • What do we discover Daniel doing again in 10:1-3?
  • Who shows up in 10:5-6?
  • What specific things do we learn about angels in the rest of chapter 10?

Please come prepared for a lively, meaningful, significant and strategic discussion!  Rick H. is bringing the dessert, so arrive by 7 pm to enjoy that!

~ tr

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