Posted by: StrongStakes | February 23, 2012

Notes, Lent & Links


We all enjoyed a spirited Bible study this past Monday, working in pairs to make discoveries out of the text.  Click here for my Daniel 9:1-19 Notes.  We will pick up on this next Monday night right where we left off, toward the end of Daniel’s prayer.  Then begins a curious conversation with the angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:20-27 which serves as a major key in unlocking prophecies located in the N.T. book of Revelation.  Should be fun!

Yesterday, Ash Wednesday, began the 40-day period of time called Lent.  For those who missed the handout I distributed on Monday, click on the link to download your copy.  As I stated on Monday, I was raised as a Protestant – Evangelical – Fundamentalist … so anything about Lent was a little too Roman Catholic and therefore, off limits.  That was unfortunate … read the handout created for Pacific Pointe Church to find out why.

Finally, I added a link in the right-side tool bar (Worth Visiting) to a very informative video on the life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the “People’s Preacher” from England.  I recommend that you invest an hour to watch it.

Continue to lift up each other in prayer throughout the week.  See you next Monday at 7 pm.

Embrace God’s Grace!

~ tr

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