Posted by: StrongStakes | December 17, 2011

Daniel in the Lions’ Den


This is one of the most well-known stories in the Bible.  We will start our discussion at Daniel 6:10, then unpack the story through verse 28.  Scroll down the page for the link to download the Daniel 6 handout two posts ago.  Here are questions to aid your preparation for Monday night’s study:

  • Was Daniel’s response in v. 10 spontaneous or premeditated?
  • The contents of his prayer may be found in Daniel 9:1-19.  What specific things does Daniel pray about?
  • How did the plot against Daniel (6:14) affect King Darius?  Why?
  • How would you describe the king’s attitude in v. 16?
  • How would you describe the king’s actions in v. 18?
  • Why do you think God sent an angel to Daniel, instead of simply commanding the lions’ mouths shut?  (v. 22)
  • What does King Darius attest about God in vv. 26-27?

Roc is bringing the goodies … arrive by 7 pm to enjoy them … then we’ll start the study shortly after that … we have a “special guest” from Thailand who promises to make an appearance, too!  🙂

~ tr

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