Posted by: StrongStakes | September 1, 2011

Behavior Becoming of Believers


Yes, we plan to study God’s Word this coming Monday, Labor Day.  Click here to download the handout for Hebrews 13.  Here are questions to help prepare you for our discussion.  If you are unable to join us, I exhort you to think through this passage on your own.  It is too important to neglect.

  • Read through Hebrews 13 and circle each of the commands given in this chapter.
  • Define “love of the brethren” in practical, everyday ways.  (v. 1)
  • What did “hospitality” (v. 2) mean in the 1st Century?  What does it mean in the 21st Century in our Western culture?
  • What is the motivation to “remember the prisoners”?  (v. 3)
  • What does this chapter teach about marriage and sexual purity?  (v. 4)  Why do you think the author includes this instruction to these Hebrew Christians?  Is there application for us as well?
  • What does this chapter teach about God’s presence?  (vv. 5-6)  What difference will His presence make in our everyday lives?
  • What does this chapter teach about submitting to spiritual leadership in the church?  (vv. 7-9, 17)
  • Define the “sacrifice of praise” in vv. 15-16.

While reading the book, Renovation of the Church, by Kent Carlson & Mike Lueken, the following quote jumped off of p. 121:

“The Bible is a vital means of growth, but in-depth Bible studies often stifle the growth.  We study to conquer, not to be changed.  We dig deeper into the Bible to sharpen our understanding of its content and meaning, not to have it sharpen us.  We must constantly be reminded that spiritual formation is not about learning more information.”

Wow! … my heart’s desire and prayer is that Monday nights with the OC Bereans will be a means to the end of spiritual transformation of our hearts, characters and lives into Christ-likeness.

Roc will provide the dessert Monday night … it will be served at 7 pm … followed by the Holy Spirit leading us into a discussion about “behavior becoming of believers.”

~ tr

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