Posted by: StrongStakes | June 24, 2011

The Faithful “Hall of Fame”


It’s been a month since our last study, so I trust you are as eager as me to get back into Hebrews.  Click here to download a handout on Hebrews 11 where we will invest a few weeks.

To prepare for Monday night’s discussion, carefully read through the entire chapter (40 verses), with these questions in mind:

  1. How is “faith” defined?
  2. How many times is the word “faith” used in this chapter?
  3. Can you identify any synonyms or derivatives of this word used in this chapter?
  4. Identify at least half a dozen results of faith, described in this chapter.
  5. Pick one of the members of this faithful “Hall of Fame” and briefly research the Old Testament account of his/her life.  Come prepared to share what you discovered.

Before we delve into our study, the seven men who participated in the Montana “Trinity Encounter” will share some of their experiences.  Plan to arrive by 7 pm for dessert so we can get the evening started.

See you Monday!

~ tr


  1. Great Men of God,
    It has been a while since I have seen ya’ll and I thought it was as good a time as any to leave a comment. I know my Papi has been keeping you up to date with all that is going on this summer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your prayers and support for what God has called me to.

    I wanted to encourage you, as you begin studying Hebrews 11, to be open to the powerful work of the Spirit. Let the Faith of those long ago spur you on towards a further understanding of His work in you.

    I look forward to seeing you all sometime soon. Continue to grow in Him.

    Remain in the Vine,


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