Posted by: StrongStakes | May 1, 2011

The Superior Sanctuary


Here are some questions to ponder (plus a handout) on Hebrews 9 before we meet Monday night.

  • Read Leviticus 16:1-34 for the O.T. background.
  • What did the various elements of the O.T. tabernacle worship signify?  (9:2-5)
  • Use the Blue Letter Bible to discover the O.T. cross-references for these elements.
  • In the days of the Hebrew tabernacle, God’s very presence dwelled in the Holy of Holies.  Today, He dwells within us.  Enumerate some practical ways that the Israelites’ experience with God was different from ours.
  • As a dwelling place for God, what were some limitations to the O.T. tabernacle?  What are some limitations in our lives as dwelling places for God?  (Check out below the cool artist’s rendition of what the tabernacle looked like.)
  • In your own words, what does 9:8 mean?
  • What is the “time of reformation” in 9:10?
  • Describe the differences and the efficiency in the sacrifice of Jesus.  (9:11-14)
  • What does 9:15 indicate about how O.T. people were saved?
  • Why is a “covenant valid only when men are dead”?  (9:17)
  • What does 9:22 teach about the priority of “blood”?
  • How many times did Jesus offer Himself as a sacrifice?  (9:25-28)  Why is this significant?

Arrive by 7 pm for dessert (Roc is bringing it!) … the study will start a few minutes later.

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