Posted by: StrongStakes | April 10, 2011

Jesus’ Priesthood is Superior


These questions will help us navigate through the remainder of Hebrews 7.  Add them to the questions from two posts ago.

  • What is significant about Abraham paying a tithe to Melchizedek?  (vv. 4, 9, 10)
  • What is significant about Melchizedek’s genealogy not being traceable?  (v. 6)
  • What is significant about Melchizedek blessing Abraham?  (v. 7)
  • How do you answer the question posed in v. 11?
  • Describe the “change of law” mentioned in v. 12 … see also vv. 18, 19.
  • If Jesus is not qualified for the Levitical priesthood based on genealogy (vv. 13-14), then what qualifies Him to be our High Priest? … see also vv. 15-17, 20-21, 28.
  • What makes the covenant of Jesus “better” (v. 22) … see also vv. 19b, 25 … and His priesthood superior?  (vv. 26-27)
  • What does it mean for you personally that Jesus Christ is our High Priest forever?  (vv. 17, 21, 24-25, 28)
  • How will these truths revealed in Hebrews 7 give you more confidence to draw near to God in any and every circumstance?

See you Monday at 7 pm!

~ tr

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