Posted by: StrongStakes | April 3, 2011

Priesthood of Melchizedek


Sorry for the late (< 24 hours) post of these questions for tomorrow night’s study.  Here is the handout for the entire chapter of Hebrews 7, although we will focus only on verses 1-10 on Monday.  Enjoy the graphic, too!

  1. Chapter 7 is considered the focal point of Hebrews … why?
  2. How does this chapter fit into the overall outline of the book?
  3. Read Genesis 14:17-24 for the historical context.
  4. Why the juxtaposition of “righteousness” and “peace” in Hebrews 7:2?
  5. Who is Melchizedek? … human? … angel? … pre-incarnate Jesus?
  6. Levites were priests based on bloodline, not character.  How might this have been problematic?


Rick H. is providing the dessert … see you by 7 pm!

~ tr

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