Posted by: StrongStakes | March 26, 2011

An Anchor of the Soul


In addition to the questions from two posts ago, these questions will focus on the remainder of Hebrews 6 … specifically verses 13-20.

  • Why is Abraham introduced in 6:13?
  • What was the “promise” made to Abraham?
  • Who are the “heirs of the promise” mentioned in 6:17?
  • Reflect on a specific instance when “the hope set before us” has been “an anchor of the soul” in your life.  (6:19)
  • What is the “veil” referred to in 6:19?

Mike is scheduled to provide the dessert, which will be served at 7 pm, followed by the study.

~ tr

P.S.  Check out this graphic depicting the truth of 6:19!

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